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MaraTech MGO: One-component – for Glass and Metal!

Many applications require maximum performance from the printing ink:
Good adhesion, dishwasher and cleaning chemical resistance – as a rule, the requirements can only be met by adding a hardener.
A one-component and at the same time highly resistant glass and metal ink, suitable for screen and pad...

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TampaSport TPSP: For Sports and Outdoor People

Faster, higher, further! Sports and outdoor enthusiasts set themselves ever-increasing targets, and clothing and footwear must also withstand the growing stresses. New high-tech materials must be extremely flexible, durable, and even good-looking.

To decorate these new materials, our range for...

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MaraPanel MPA: Functional Decoration of Front Panels

Household appliances have become an integral part of our lives. Besides the technical achievements that make various everyday tasks easier for us, we also expect the appliances to reflect contemporary design preferences.

Benefits of MaraPanel MPA:

  • Very high resistances for long-lasting products
  • ...

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Marabu honrada com Prêmio SGIA Reconhecimento de Sustentabilidade

Produtos e processos sustentáveis - como uma empresa química de longa tradição, sabemos de nossa responsabilidade com o ser humano e o meio ambiente.

Nossos clientes e colaboradores apoiam e valorizam nossa filosofia: unir proteção ambiental, segurança no trabalho, e consciência social com sucesso...

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